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Employee Benefits in Little Rock, AR

In the modern era, employee benefits have become an increasingly critical part of your organization’s operations and culture. Also known as group benefits and voluntary benefits, these programs and perks can lay the foundation for how employers offer additional advantages and incentives to their workforce. Still, while successfully deploying employee benefits can reap many benefits for employers, doing so can be a complicated process that demands a full understanding of a complex subject.

What Is the Purpose of Group Benefits?

Group benefits can provide many advantages for employers and their workforces. By offering these additional perks and rewards, your organization may offer employees the resources and opportunities to maintain health, improve wellness, advance skillsets and limit stress levels. These benefits may have particular value for companies, as they can reduce overall risk levels, include various opportunities for cost savings, improve employees’ productivity levels and increase attraction and retention rates.

How Does Group Benefits Work?

While the exact components and features available in an employee benefits portfolio may vary, these offerings generally provide employees with various opportunities to get more out of their status as a member of your organization.

Your business’s HR team and senior leaders should work diligently to identify group benefits that may be valuable to your employees, such as employee insurance plans, employers’ workers’ comp coverage, 401(k) plans, paid time off and training and education opportunities.

After composing your company’s employee benefits portfolio, your workers can often select which programs and opportunities they would like to enroll or participate in. It may be advisable to survey your employees regularly to get direct feedback on the benefits they value.

What Is Included With Group Benefits Insurance?

Your group benefits package may include several types of insurance. Various types of insurance arranged or sponsored by employers often comprise the backbone of employee benefits portfolios, so you should be diligent and vigilant in assessing and addressing these offerings. Consider the following options:

  • Group health insurance—Also known as employee health insurance, these plans can provide workers with more affordable coverage while creating financial opportunities for your organization, such as tax-deductible contributions.
  • Group life insurance—These policies, which may include group term life insurance, voluntary employee life insurance and basic life insurance, can help your employees ensure their families will be provided for after they are gone.
  • Employers’ workers’ comp—Legally required in most cases, this type of coverage can reassure your employees that if they are injured on the job or develop a work-related illness, they can access the medical care, training, rehabilitation and disability benefits needed to recover. Additionally, this type of insurance may help your organization pay for legal fees if sued following work-related illnesses or injuries.
  • Employee benefits liability coverage—This insurance product can generally be seen as a specialized type of errors and omissions insurance and may also offer peace of mind to your employees while financially protecting your business if you mismanage group benefits.

While these coverages can be integral components of employee benefits offerings, there are many others that your organization may want to consider. Talk with the qualified professionals at Sunstar of Arkansas to learn more about your options.

How Does Employee Health Insurance Work?

One of the most common benefits is offering group health insurance to your employees. Generally, employees on your payroll will be allowed to enroll in coverage, and a certain percentage of eligible members must do so to keep your plan active. In many cases, you may also allow employees to enroll their spouses and children in the plan, as this may help them save on their total insurance costs while ensuring they can care for their families.

We’re Here to Help

At Sunstar of Arkansas, our knowledgeable staff has over 200 years of combined experience in the insurance industry. We will draw on this extensive background to help your organization understand employee benefits and compile an optimal collection of offerings. Contact us today to get started.

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