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June 28, 2022

Do You Need a Home Inspection for Homeowners Insurance?

All homeowners should have homeowners insurance to protect them from having to pay significant out-of-pocket expenses following an accident. In some cases, a home inspection is required to obtain a homeowners insurance policy. Insurance carriers may use a home inspection to determine the level of risk they are taking on by insuring your home to set your premiums.  

The need for inspections usually depends on your insurance carrier’s requirements. If you have questions about whether you need a home inspection to get homeowners insurance, talk to the agents at SunStar Insurance of AR. 

What Does a Home Inspection Entail? 

Insurers often evaluate homes based on a four-point inspection of the home’s systems: the roof, plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling. Your insurance carrier will look at the functionality of these systems and determine if they are in satisfactory working order. If they aren’t, you’ll likely have to hire a professional to come in and repair any issues before you can purchase a policy. a plant in front of a building

To improve your chances of passing an inspection, you should clean the yard, inspect the exterior of your home, and test the sinks, bathtubs and showers to ensure everything is functioning correctly. If you notice any issues before the inspection, be sure to have a professional take a look and fix any problems. 

Why Should I Get Homeowners Insurance 

A homeowners insurance policy can protect you from unforeseen accidents such as weather damage, fires and burglaries, which can be expensive to repair or replace. Even if you’re not required to have a policy, having coverage can limit high out-of-pocket costs following an accident. 

Contact Our Agency 

If you are a homeowner near Little Rock, Arkansas, contact the agents at SunStar Insurance of AR by calling 501-225-3454 with additional questions related to home inspections and homeowners insurance. 

This blog is intended for informational and educational use only. It is not exhaustive and should not be construed as legal advice. Please contact your insurance professional for further information. 

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