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August 16, 2022

3 Tips to Save Money on Boat Insurance

Boat insurance might not always be required in the same way that states require auto liability insurance, but prudent boat owners certainly want to protect their investment against accidents or injuries. Boat owners should never assume that their auto or home insurance policies extend to their watercraft. Besides the actual boat, we also encourage our clients to consider their boat trailer and the equipment and supplies stowed on board. 

In order to save money and reduce the chance of having to make a claim, we also point out the best ways for our clients to save money on premiums. Consider these three sensible ways to earn discounts on boat insurance and make boating a safer activity for your whole family. 

1. Take Boat Safety Courses  

Just as driving safety classes can help drivers earn auto insurance discounts, many top insurers look favorably upon approved boat safety courses. The U.S. Coast Guard has a convenient online resource with boat safety classes all over the United States. a small boat in a body of water

2. Bundle Boat Coverage with Other Policies  

You probably already know that insurance companies offer discounts for bundling multiple polices with the same insurer. While most people tend to think of auto and home insurance, this also extends to boat insurance policies. 

3. Consider Boat Safety Equipment  

Some insurers offer a discount for protective devices. These could include built-in fire extinguishers, ship-to-shore radio, radar and more. Check with us or your insurance company to find out which devices can help protect you and lower your premiums. 

We Don’t Just Sell Boat Insurance  

We work hard to protect our clients. Besides helping your compare premiums, we also suggest ways to lower your rates by making boating safer. If your boat is not covered, contact us right away. If you already have a policy, you can still contact us to see if we can help you save money and improve your boating experience. 

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